English as a Second Language

We have a responsibility to engage all of Iowa’s students, so we must do more to elevate the voices of underrepresented student populations.

This team has the potential to do more than revolutionize the way Iowa thinks about education: it has the potential to change the the way Iowa thinks about an entire population of students, and perhaps it could even alter the life trajectory of some ESL students by giving them an opportunity to discover their voice. 

Upon founding in 2014, the team's mission is focused on using the unique perspective of Iowa's diverse learners to maximize the individual potential of every student. The team has done amazing advocacy work for the ESL population by presenting at the past three consecutive Our Kids Conferences and the 2014 & 2015 Iowa Culture and Language Conferences. The group has led breakout sessions, created videos, started initiatives in schools, but most importantly served as an example of the benefits of inclusion.

Our experience with this team thus far has proven that ESL voices are incredibly powerful. Though it will take time, energy, and resources, IowaSLI is committed to supporting the ESL Student Leadership Team at all levels and making the growth of this team a priority.

Learn more about the ESL Team

IowaSLI works hard to ensure all of Iowa's voices are represented. To make sure you're able to share your voice, we've put together a set of resources for you to use.