Jaden Deal

Board Member | He, Him, His

Jaden serves as the a member of the IowaSLI Board. Jaden is a current student at Harvard University and has been advocating on the behalf of students by working with his local school board, the Iowa Legislature and Student Voice. Jaden’s commitment to giving students a voice is also reflected in his involvement on youth boards and committees.


To better educate youth around the country, Jaden is also helping in the creation of a curriculum focused on civic power with Citizen University’s Youth Power Program. In early 2018, Jaden worked with his school board to pass a policy allowing student representatives on the board.


One of Jaden’s current projects is focused on a statewide mandate for student representatives on school boards. Jaden is excited to empower other students around the state and help them find their own voices. When he isn’t working for his peers, Jaden enjoys playing trumpet in his school’s band, travelling to see friends and going to political events.