2014 Registration is now Open!

We are very excited to announce that registration for the Iowa Student Learning Institute 2014 is now open to everyone! Clicking the link below will take you to Eventbrite to register to attend on November 8th, 2014 from 10AM-4PM. We ask that in order for registration and attendee processing to work smoothly that you do not register until you have collected at least names of your students. Your students do not want to end up with a name tag with their teacher's name on it and I am sure you do not want 5 "mini-mes" all day long. :) We also ask that you have a school staff member or chaperone for approximately every 5-8 students in attendance, just for logistical reasons. Thank you for all of your continued support! An event like such would not be at all possible without the support of students and educators like yourself.