South Hamilton Putting Their Ideas to Work

South Hamilton kids were very moved by the Stop Bullying, Darn it! session that they attended. They felt they got some great ideas from other students/schools and made a list of thing that they wanted to implement: 1) "Bully box" This is a suggestion box type of thing in which students can report bullying. They also wanted to turn it into a positive thing by being able to report good things they saw at South Hamilton. So, instead of the bully box they are changing the name to "Hawk Nest", as our mascot is the Hawks. 2) Big Brother/Big Sister Mentors - We have a PK-6 building and a 7-12 building and there are more and more 7th graders that have some problems transitioning to the "big school" from the elementary. They wanted to give these kids an older mentor to help them with this transition. This would be a way to have someone look out for them in the hallways, be a go-to person if they need, and just an overall friendly face in the hallways that they can look up to. Everyone wants to be associated with the "big kids" right? 3) RSVP - this idea came from another school. It's an acronym for something that I don't remember, but essentially hall monitors to help discourage bullying and other negative behavior where teachers and other adults don't go/see, such as locker rooms and bathrooms. 4) Welcome Wagon - As new students arrive at South Hamilton, they want to give a "welcome package" to them and be assigned a mentor, much like #2. This welcome package may include snacks, SH Tshirt, SH pencils, etc. A student assigned to them would "shadow" them through the halls the first week to be sure they knew where to go, how to get to lunch, etc. 5) Student surveys - they are going to survey the student body about what they want to see improved in the district and what is going well. They will use this to present back to the staff and school board how to better improve education at a local level. 5) Staff meeting - They wanted to attend a staff meeting to share with teachers what was discussed at #isli, what they are doing to make positive changes, and ideas for doing so. I am so proud of our kids that attended. One student mentioned as we were coming out of the auditorium at the end of the day, "I really wasn't looking forward to this, but I am SO glad I came today!" I don't think she knew I heard that, but how cool is that! Thanks again for a great day and getting the kids fired up to make worthwhile changes. They presented their ideas to the counselor and were encouraged that she was taking notes as quickly as possible. They did this all on their own and reported back to me that all were possible, except #2, which will probably be starting next fall.