Attend the We Are One: Student Voices Matter Rally

Dear Educators, On Tuesday, March 31st the Iowa Student Learning Institute is hosting a rally at the Iowa Capitol themed We Are One: Student Voices Matter. This is an opportunity for Iowa students to make their voice heard about issues facing their schools and communities and learn about how they relate to the political process. The day will begin at 10 AM in the Wallace Auditorium with student speeches and an address and Q & A session with Governor Terry Branstad as well as several other state officials. Then students will convene in the Rotunda of the Iowa Capitol to watch government in action and meet their local legislators. This event is also aimed to highlight the diversity of Iowa's schools, so it is not just for, or about, students interested in politics. Iowa needs to hear from all of its students: ELLs, students with disabilities, TAG, LGBT, students of different races and religions, and everyone in between. This will also give students the opportunity to network and better understand the different perspectives brought by their peers from across the state. Students are encouraged to come as part of a delegation from their school, so get a group together and sign up today. Registration is free through March 24th. For more information and to register, visit or take a peek at our new promotional video explaining the day. Hope to see you there! Jack Hostager Senior, Hempstead High School, Dubuque Ian Coon Junior, Waukee High School ISLI Co-founders