Post Rally Email Newsletter

Thank you again for participating in the ISLI We Are One: Student Voices Matter Rally last Tuesday. There were over 200 people that participated in the event! Several local news stations were there with cameras, and we made the Des Moines Register and the Dubuque Telegraph Herald. Great job everyone! Here are a few post-event bits of information:

  • Thanks to Tori Rothman for taking photos all day! The album can be viewed here. If you have your own pictures to add, please email them to Ian.

  • We would REALLY appreciate if you would take a minute to complete a brief survey about how the day went. Anecdotal feedback was very positive, but we want to make sure there is enough interest to do it again next year and work out any kinks that you noticed.

  • Videos of the morning program will be posted on our YouTube channel soon.

  • Records of what was written on the posters we collected can be seen here. Don't be afraid to speak up and share these discussions with your school.

Most importantly, you can find the interest form to be a part of our student leadership team. We really hope you take this opportunity to be involved in ISLI’s work as look to pass leadership of the organization to a new group of students. Thanks again for coming. Hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did, and we look forward to seeing you at another ISLI event soon!