Guest Post: Support Student's Future

Morgan Tjaden is a K-12 Talented and Gifted teacher in the Alburnett Community School District in Iowa. Her students attended the IowaSLI We Are One: Student Voices Matter Rally and were inspired to be the change schools need. We are proud to know and feature this blogger and her class as a prime example of the difference students truly can make. “Become comfortable with being uncomfortable.” That is our classroom motto. Jump into new experiences that challenge you, and pull you out of your comfort zone. Make a habit of it. That is exactly what the students did when they began their research and discussion around the topic of supplemental state aid. They were breaking barriers that had them previously thinking that their voice didn’t matter. As interest grew, so did their confidence, and they became so passionate about the topic that they had to act upon it. “I can help discuss the problem to cause a chain along the internet. I believe that children are strong and should have a say in issues that can bring them to a better future.” -Lindsey Hospodarsky (4th grade) “We are your future. Who knows? He might cure cancer. She might be the next great president forever remembered. Support your future! End the Gridlock.” -Mia VonAlexander (5th grade) These students idolize the innovative/creative individuals that influence our economy. That element was a big guiding force in their message. By appropriately funding Iowa schools, it provides additional programs, and it would attract world class teachers that strive to provide the innovative learning experiences that promote creative thought. “We got to be involved in a project that made us really take ownership over my learning and speak out over the voices who are always heard and makes me feel more confident about myself. I'm the decision maker of the future. Some students have dreams to be as big as Walt Disney. He started in his garage, but he had to be innovative and think creatively to succeed beyond that. Am I right? Well, doing projects like this will give us the creative mind to think like him. ” -Ali Schuchmann & Clara Barth (4th grade)How do they know we won’t grow up to be the next Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, or Johann Sebastian Bach? “ -Christian Maakestad (4th grade) The root of Iowa’s excellence is in it’s young scholars. Support their future. Consider education a priority.