Student Voice: Defying all Boundaries

In the spring of 2015, Jack and Ian had the opportunity to speak to students at the Area Education Agency 267's Student Technology Conference. Their presentation was centered around how the Iowa Student Learning Institute was started and still runs on a near 100% online basis. There are no event planning meetings in person or group work times outside of a Google Hangout.

Students really do have the power to change the world through using the internet.

The presentation can be viewed below, but there are four main steps to changing the world with technology:

  1. Learn

  2. Connect

  3. Speak

  4. Do

As a student, you have the power to do so much more than sit in a desk and receive an education. You have the ability to learn what you're passionate about, connect with others with that similar passion, and then take action and do something about it. It sounds simple and it all starts with you. Your choice to step outside of the "norm" and RISE to confront your passion will define you and make a true impact in the world. Jack and Ian's presentation can be viewed below along with a video interview that highlights what Student Voice is all about.