I needed to hear more, learn more, do more

The rally was an experience that was unlike any other. Watching these students, regular students just like me, take action and use something most taken for granted, their voice. Students shared their opinions and were very willing to listen to what others had to say. That’s just something you don’t see everyday and I wish I did. The whole day gave me a feeling of self empowerment. I felt like I had a purpose, I knew there was a reason I agreed to such a thing besides that it “sounded cool”. The day started off odd and I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but the speakers inspired me. Hearing Abby Finkenauer, the youngest female to join the legislature, awed me. I absolutely adored her! I needed to hear more, learn more, do more. I walked away that day knowing I had a job to do at Waukee, be it small or large. I had more purpose, more to do. I walked away ready; The world needs me. -Ireland Elkin, Student