I'm passionate. And, yes, I'm going to RISE

We believe that every student is important and has a voice to share. It is the voices of our students that will spark change for the future of Iowa's communities from a social and education standpoint. Through the work ISLI does, our goal is to motivate students to use their voice by knowing they matter and connect them to professionals and students that can help them excel in their goals of being change agents.

So, we asked students, what are you passionate about?

Crazy enough, no answers were the same. Student passions vary, and so does our schedule. There's no way to plan an event to capture the interests and needs of all students without giving them ownership of their time. Students will be exposed to many ideas and leaders in the morning and choose how they want to spend the rest of their day learning, networking, or taking initiative.

What are they going to do about it?

It's quite simple. What are you going to do? RISE up and follow your passion, because the world needs you.