Guest Post: The State of Student Voice: My Thank You

Students. Kids. Young Adults.

Yes, they are words used to describe the people we teach every single day, but these words do not do justice to who or what they are. Leader. Energy. Passion. Curiousity. Entrepreneur. New Frontier. These words come to mind when I think about the people that enter our schools five days a week and sometimes six. I had the luxury and privilege to meet up with six students(seven when we all arrived as the Maurer Mobile could not hold seven) early on Saturday morning to depart on a three hour drive to Waukee High School for RISE. ​ Yes, it was early on a Saturday morning, but their shoulders were not slumped. They were not complaining(we did stop right away for coffee). Instead as they wiped the sleep from their eyes they were already permeating an energy that only youth can exude.