Guest Post: Iowa Students Voices Rise

New York Eighth grader Ben Yao’s head barely peeked over the auditorium podium when he emphasized “No dream is too big and no dreamer is too small,” to the dozens of students and teachers sitting back in their cushioned chairs. Saturday, Waukee High School opened its doors to students across Iowa for the Rise conference hosted by The Iowa Student Learning Institute. The Iowa Student Learning Institute (ISLI), co-founded by Waukee senior Ian Coon and Jack Hostager, a former student from Dubuque Hempstead High School, emphasizes student voice by organizing conferences and rallies where students of all grade levels can come together to make a change. Students exchange ideas and opinions on how to make each of their schools a more effective place for learning and an environment where students feel like their voices matter. As a result, students could potentially begin to exceed in their passionate areas and grow stronger in their less developed skills. Reforms in education can, in grand scheme of things, solve skill gaps that many industries are currently struggling to find employees to fill. The Rise conference’s goal serves to initiate these changes at the root of education, the student. See more at:​ Written by & posted with credits to Vivian Le.