Rural Iowa Students Look to Candidates to Share Their Voice

If you're looking for 2016 election candidates, rural Iowa may not be the first place to come to mind, but that's exactly where two Keota High School students are bringing them. Abby Schulte and Megan Adams both from Keota High School in south-eastern Iowa wanted to make a change in their school and community. "We thought, where better to look for this change than in candidates since we live in Iowa and it's caucus season." This fall, they hosted Rick Santorum at their high school and Hilary Clinton is planning a town-hall stop next month! The two girls say that their work is non-partisan and was started after their sociology teacher challenged them to do a project that would save their school and show that students, no matter where they live, have a voice.

"Even though we're at a really small school we still have a voice."

Abby and Megan have unstoppable plans to continuing growing their message of student voice. The Keota Hopes for Hilary campaign is just the beginning; they have connected with individuals across the country in hopes of starting a movement for young people here in Iowa to caucus and be involved in politics. Many ideas and catchy slogans are still in the works. Even though their school is in jeopardy of being closed and consolidated due to their small size, they still hold onto hope along with their conservative community. The girls have plans of advocating for changes in public school funding as well to keep their school open and on the map.

There has been no clearly defined path for the two's work. Numerous meetings, dinners, emails, letters, and phone calls were made to get the attention of politicians who can help these girls succeed in their mission. To learn more about their story, follow them on Twitter or check out this story from CBS 2 KGAN.