"You Can't Shut Down Our Voice"

Students from Iowa and the Texas Student Innovation Leadership Committee collaborated together over Google Hangout. The students from Fort Worth, Texas (SILC) host Google Hangouts as a way to share their voice with educators and leaders online. IowaSLI students were their first ever guests on the show!

The show launched with four questions, one student moderator, two educators listening live, and 10 other students ready to share. We followed the questions below that students in the SILC came up with.

  • Q1: What are some ways you learn best?

  • Q2: How can instruction change to adapt to the way you learn best?

  • Q3: Is Student Voice vital to how we redefine learning?

  • Q4: What happens when the Student Voice is squelched when trying implement change in the way instruction is done in the classroom?

The responses? Outstanding. A few thoughts and quotes were captured via Twitter that you can find below. This synergy is yet another reminder that "the implications of giving a student a voice extends way beyond the classroom", and in this case, the state. Keep using your voice; the world needs you. To connect with SILC on Twitter, follow @SHHS_SILC. Watch the show on YouTube.