Guest Post: McVoice Kids' Menu

We all know that Happy Meals™ are unusual but amazing. And as much as we all want to buy one for the little toy at our most childish times, they do exist only for kids. This is because people market differently toward children. Why? People of different ages in different situations see things differently. Although we wish we could understand it, toddlers simply have a different perception of the world that we don’t see. But wouldn’t it be great to know? Couldn’t we help these kids out the most if we understood what they’re seeing, and how our actions affect them? This is what anyone marketing toward kids researches. They find out what the children need and what will spark something in a child’s view and mind. So wouldn’t it make sense for students’ perceptions and needs to be made known in a classroom? The world is changing, and all people discover the world in different ways. Teachers are extremely smart, innovative people that know that the best teacher learns from his or her students. Some students know of and use tools that teachers and other students don’t know about. Students have ideas and opinions that may not have occurred to anyone else. And since the school system is aimed toward students, shouldn’t these voices be heard? With these voices, students should be more engaged in their learning as well. They can use their own ideas to teach others, who will then share more ideas. Suddenly the learning has come full circle, so that all students and even teachers can learn new things all the time. Students have ideas for teaching styles that would help them, or learning methods that may work. They know what modern tools they use to learn in different ways. So why not extend these innovative tools into the classroom? Why not have more people brainstorming ideas? These “more people” are the students! If school is aimed toward students, it is essential to get the input of these students, and use their perceptions of the school. Happy meals™ weren’t invented because somebody decided they wanted them. They were invented because they appealed to the people they were made for: children. Now, as students and educators, let’s go for the Big Mac™.