New Connection: Youth Powerhouse!

Team members of IowaSLI had a great experience connecting with Becky Scurlock all the way from Washington over Google Hangout! Becky is the director of Youth Powerhouse, an organization made up of 4 high school students that are working to make social change more accessible to youth. They provide a database of resources, as well as additional tips and inspiration through social media. Youth Powerhouse currently connects with other schools and groups in Seattle, and are looking to hold an actual event to greater involve the community. We were able to share with them our expertise about how we publicize our events and reach out to others here in Iowa. Youth Powerhouse has a map of all the things that have been accomplished and/or connected with throughout their three years of work. We are excited to be added to their map, and create our own interactive map coming soon! We are definitely looking forward to working with Youth Powerhouse in the future. Keep up the great work!