Park Avenue Students Begin a World Changing Adventure

Over 100 elementary students are ready to change their community after Ian, Claire, and Blake visited their school on Friday to perform the initial steps of forming an action plan. There are three parts to changing the world, and if followed are heavily impactful. 1. You should be passionate 2. Find your passion 2A. What does the world need? 2B. What do you love? ​3. Find others with the same passion Through brainstorming and grouping, the students formed five main groups with the following focus:

  • environment, sustainability

  • bullying, inclusion, diversity, love

  • homelessness of people and animals

  • abuse, crime, vandalism, human trafficking

  • welfare of other countries

After forming the groups, students brainstormed how they could make an influence. Ideas consisted of making posters, collecting food for shelters, performing needs assessments, donating old shoes/clothes/books, raising money from adults, and creating videos. The IowaSLI team will continue to work with this group of elementary students as they continue their progress of social action throughout the school year. To learn more about Park Avenue and the International Baccalaureate program, visit their website. Our presentation with the group can be found below as well.