Please, Get to Know Them

Stephen Wonbenyakeh and a team of students shared with advisories all school year on a weekly basis about the importance of ESL students in their school. Below, Stephen outlines the movement, his goals, and what a normal session looked like when they met with students in advisory.


About this Movement This is an initiative that I thought about a long time ago, when I was still an ESL student. I have learned over the past two years that ESL (students) was the most isolated division of the school. I never thought I could do something about this issue, until now. I shared the vision with teachers and friends who have shown an enormous amount of support. Goal The rationale of this movement is based on the consensus that about 90% of Students in the school have no idea what ESL is or whether it even exists. This is why the primary goal of this movement is to create awareness to help other students know, recognize and understand what ESL is; and that it does exist. Execution - How? Firstly, the execution of this movement is not a “one man’s” task. This is why I have invited some friends over, as well as some teachers who are willing to give their time and support. The Team will go to an advisory class for a given period of time and then move to another and so on. Agenda There are not many things on our agenda for now because of the limited time we have for advisory. This is a basic outline as to what our agenda looks like for now:

  1. Mind intriguing game that explains the concept of what we are getting at

  2. Feedback from audience

  3. Further explanation/presentation/video