Welcome to our new website!

IowaSLI has come a long way since its founding in 2013 by students Jack Hostager and Ian Coon. Don’t believe me? This is what our first website looked like:

We’ve learned a lot since the organization was founded. We’ve expanded on our own definition of student voice and have changed the means of achieving our mission to revolutionize Iowa’s approach to education through the power of student voice. Part of redefining our means entails launching a new website, one that allows us to get in touch directly with students and teachers across Iowa to help them implement student voice into their schools.

This has been a goal of ours since the start of IowaSLI, but we’re proud to have it planned and ready to launch this spring. Implement, a new feature coming to our website, will empower students and teachers all across Iowa by providing them the resources they need to make their schools a better place.

This new features solves the question we’re always asked of “what comes after the events?” We’ve always focused most of our energy on planning our three annual events: RISE, StuCamp, and The Rally. While these events serve as fantastic motivational and inspirational tools for the students that attend them, we want to ensure we support these students after they’ve attended.

Not only does our new website mark a new chapter in our mission, but also continues the evolution of our brand. I started working with IowaSLI in 2013 shortly after its conception, then served as marketing team leader. During my time serving as marketing team leader, I was responsible for leading IowaSLI through a rebrand and finding its marketing niche. This new website marks the latest iteration of this well-established brand, and I hope you enjoy our freshest coat of paint. The student team has put in lots of elbow grease getting this beaut to be fully functioning.

If you have any recommendations for our new website or would like to be a part of our student team, please contact me at justinsindelar@iowasli.org