Students and Educators came together!

Last weekend, on Saturday, February 25th, EdCamp Iowa collaborated with IowaSLI’s StuCamp conference to bring students and teachers together. It was magical.

We’ve always wondered why at these conferences, amongst a sea of educators, there is not one student to be found. That prompted us to start a new conference last year called StuCamp. StuCamp brought together students from all over Iowa to talk about education in a breakout-session style conference. This year, we decided to bring students and teachers together.

The conversations amongst the groups in central and southeast Iowa were amazing to take part in. Watching students and teachers work together to solve educational issues made myself and others in the room feel better about the future of our education.

Redefining Iowa’s education needs to be a joint effort between students, educators, and community members. We can now happily say that all of our three annual events include all of those groups. Furthermore, the StuCamp + EdCamp collaboration has allowed us to build new connections and expand on new IowaSLI projects.

For our southeast location, we partnered with IowaBIG, an initiative-based high school experience in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Partnering with this location allowed other students and teachers from all across Iowa to experience this revolutionary program. IowaSLI strongly believes in the future of work-based learning with programs like IowaBIG, Waukee APEX, and CAPS.

Prior to our EdCamp + StuCamp conference, we also held workshops in Cedar Rapids schools to introduce them to student voice. They have agreed to become our pilot Power of Voice (POV) chapter. This new POV program will allow students to found a student voice team in their school to make change locally. We’re incredibly excited to see where this new program leads us.

To see what the conference was like first-hand, back-channel on Twitter with #EdCampIowa.