Cedar Valley March For Our Lives

In the days after the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School joined together in the efforts to end gun violence. Their mission quickly spread across the nation and hundreds of March For Our Lives chapters have been established.

In the Cedar Valley, consisting of Waterloo and Cedar Falls, University of Northern Iowa student Laney Kraus-Taddeo established a chapter consisting of students from the university and surrounding high schools. The chapter has organized events ranging from a candlelight vigil to commemorate the lives lost in the shooting, to a youth activist panel where students from the area high school discussed the issue of gun violence in their community.

Here is what Laney had to say about her experience with March For Our Lives:

“March For Our Lives is made by students for students. I’ve never had this kind of outreach or opportunity with young activists before. It’s given us a platform for us to share our voice. And I’ve found a lot of students want to share their voice.”

“I’ve been able to offer my videography skills to MFOL National, they’ve been very inclusive and supportive. And because of my work with MFOL Iowa, I’ve been able to form another city chapter, MFOL Cedar Valley, which covers both Cedar Falls and Waterloo. We hope to do more events soon.”

For more information about upcoming events from this group, check out MarchForOurLivesIA.org!