Student voice is the basis for involving students in opportunities that affect their lives in school and the surrounding community.The idea of student voice begins with someone - a student, teacher, or administrator - asking, “What if my voice is heard?”

Now think, what would happen if influential voices of students were not only heard, but listened to? If a policy change, new program implementation, or outdated practice is affecting students, their voice deserves to be heard as a part of that process.


Even more powerful than students using their voices is taking their voice to the next level: agency. 

Agency is involving and embracing that same student voice by combining it with decision making power so that students have the ability to affect change. Seen at local or state levels, student agency is a powerful advancement of student voice. 


Energetic and impactful advancement of student voice is the end goal; this comes in the form of students taking action on their passions and beliefs. When students bundle up their ideas and connections with the goal to subsequently transform them to a creative and expressive form of action, the highest potential of student voice is reached. While it is motivational to attend a conference and compose a few tweets expressing agreement with a concept or personal support of a new idea, an entirely new game begins when students make the decision to follow through on creating and implementing that new idea or concept.